How to create a reliable endpoint management & security process for your organization

ManageEngine's guide for a hybrid workforce

IT endpoint management webinar

A well-planned endpoint management strategy proactively keeps potential threats at bay. At ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation, we've implemented endpoint management and security to address complexities in modern endpoints and evolving work modes. In this webinar, we'll show you how you can move your business forward with a goal-driven unified endpoint management and security process.

Join us, as we talk about:

  • How endpoint management and security has changed in the last two decades
  • How it helps ManageEngine manage its global workforce
  • 6 steps to accomplish your endpoint management and security process
  • The Zero Trust Model at Zoho
  • Challenges with implementation and solutions

About the speaker

Mahanya is a content specialist here at ManageEngine. She has been a part of ManageEngine Academy for the last two years, sharing in-house stories and resources for IT leaders. When she isn't creating content, she spends time with rescue dogs.

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