Installing AD360

ManageEngine AD360 can be installed on any machine in the domain provided that they meet the recommended system requirements.

You can install AD360 as:

Note: Ensure that you have necessary privileges and rights to install and run the product. If you are using Windows Vista or later operating systems, disable User Account Control and then proceed. For more information click here.

Install AD360 as an Application

You can choose from three install types: Standard, Minimal and Custom.

  • Standard Installation: Downloads and installs all the components along with AD360. This installation type is highly recommended, as it installs AD360 along with all the components necessary for a comprehensive Active Directory and Exchange management.
  • Minimal Installation: Installs AD360 alone. You can use this installation type if you are already running the components you need.
  • Custom Installation: Allows you to pick and choose the components to install. You can use this installation type to install only the components you want along with AD360.

The application can be launched on a web browser by double-clicking the ‘AD360’ shortcut icon present on the desktop. When opened as an application, AD360 runs with the privileges of the user who has logged on to the computer.

Install AD360 as a Windows Service

To run AD360 as a service, you have to install AD360 as a Service. Follow the steps given below:

Alternatively, you can also install AD360 as a service from the notification tray.

Once the AD360 Service is installed, you can start the product as Windows service. When started as a service, AD360 runs with the privileges of the system account.

To Uninstall AD360

To uninstall AD360, Select Start Menu → All Programs → AD360 → Uninstall AD360.