Welcome to AD360

AD360 is an integrated solution that addresses many pressing concerns of IT administrators of Windows environment including Identity and Access Management, Active Directory Change Auditing and Compliance Demands, Password Reset/Account Lockout management, and Exchange Auditing through a simple, easy to use interface. Most of the time consuming tasks in Active Directory can be automated through AD360.

AD360 consists of four components, each of them equipped to deal with various routine problems and management challenges pertaining to Active Directory and Exchange. The four components of AD360 are:

The above four components are integrated in AD360 to provide a complete solution to all your Windows Infrastructure management challenges. Let's take a brief look at each of these components:

AD Management

The AD Management component of AD360 helps you to successfully automate crucial Identity and Access Management (IAM) tasks like user account provisioning / de-Provisioning with the help of a library of preconfigured access controls called 'User Management Templates'. This component also provides 'On-the-fly AD Management' that lets you perform point-in-time management actions and 'Noninvasive AD Delegation' with which you can turn even technically naive into Super Admin. Some of the highlights of this component are:

AD Auditing

AD Auditing, the auditing and IT compliance component of AD360, helps you scrutinize every change in Active Directory, while ensuring the change is in conformance with the standards set by IT regulatory acts such as SOX, HIPAA and more. With AD Auditing, you can get prepackaged reports on a myriad of crucial activities such as user logon actions and changes to GPO / OU / groups / computer / domain policies. Using filters and rules, you can create your own event fetchers for collecting event data that can be used for crisis detection and prevention. Some of the highlights of this component are:

Password Self-Service

The Password Self-Service component of AD360 eliminates the biggest source of helpdesk calls - forgotten passwords and account lockouts. With Password Self-Service users can reset their passwords and unlock their accounts through a simple web browser or right from the Winlogon (Ctrl+Alt+Del) screen of their machines. The identities of the users are verified using a highly secure two factor authentication process: Security Q&A authentication and SMS/E-mail based secret code authentication. It also lets you automatically synchronize the password/account changes with other systems like AS400 and UX servers. Some of the key features of this component are:

Exchange Auditing

The Exchange Auditing component of AD360 provides all the necessary analytics and information that an administrator would need to optimize an organization's Exchange infrastructure. With the help of over 80+ pre-packaged reports, you can track incoming and outgoing emails, keep tabs on mailbox traffic and server traffic, and monitor vital statistics of Public Folders and Distribution Lists. Some of the highlights of this component are:

By integrating all these four components in AD360, you can put an end to all your Active Directory troubles. Read on further to learn how to integrate these four components and set up AD360 to suite your organization policies and preferences.