Gathering user data from multiple sources

Educational institutions store information about faculty, administrators, students, support staff, and alumni on spreadsheets, human capital management software, student management systems, and other platforms. Collecting and managing data from multiple sources can make identity management very complex. With AD360, user provisioning and modification can be automated by fetching data from various sources, including databases like Oracle and MS SQL, human resource management systems, or a CSV file.


Managing access provisioning for a dynamic user base

The user roles in educational institutions are dynamic and undergo changes with each passing year, semester, or quarter. Some students graduate and become alumni, some are promoted to the next class, while some may join the institution as teachers or assistants. Users also include guest faculty and students enrolling in online classes. With AD360, IT admins can assign users the appropriate permissions based on their requirements, while enhancing user efficiency and ensuring data security.


Securing access to user devices and gaining seamless access to apps

Learning is no longer restricted to the classrooms as students and teachers collaborate with each other from anywhere. To achieve this, they require secure access to their own devices, and seamless access to multiple apps for schedules, course content, attendance, and more. With AD360, users are assured of secure access to machine (Windows, macOS, and Linux OS), VPN, and OWA logins with multi-factor authentication. The solution also enables users to access all their applications with one identity by facilitating single sign-on login for all OAuth, OpenID Connect, or SAML-enabled enterprise apps.


Empowering users with self-service capabilities

In educational institutions, IT admins often spend a considerable amount of their time resolving password-related issues that could be devoted to high-value tasks. With AD360, the end users can be empowered to perform password resets and account unlocks on their own. This eliminates their dependency on IT administrators, reduces unnecessary waiting time, and improves the overall end user experience.


Protecting sensitive personal and financial data

Universities, colleges, and schools store a huge amount of student data that contain their personal details, health history, student records, and so on. These institutions also store sensitive information about their faculty and staff, such as personal data, medical records, and financial data. IT admins can receive alerts in the event of any inappropriate access to sensitive data by leveraging AD360's machine learning capabilities and take immediate remedial action.


Meeting industry specific compliance regulations

As educational institutions deal with a large amount of personal and financial data, it's necessary for them to comply with various data privacy regulations and industry standards for information security and financial transactions. AD360 helps generate audit-ready reports for major international data regulation policies and security standards like GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

How AD360 helps overcome the unique IAM
challenges of the education sector

  • Automated user provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Access management and delegation
  • Self-service password management
  • Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on
  • User behavior analysis

Automated user provisioning and deprovisioning

  • Create new user accounts in AD, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Google Workspace, and Skype for Business by fetching data from different sources.
  • Identify inactive user accounts and disable the accounts of users who have discontinued or taken a sabbatical.
  • Automate cleanup of accounts of users who leave the institution.

Access management and delegation

  • Automate group membership assignment during user provisioning so that the students and staff can access their resources immediately.
  • Set fine-grained NTFS permissions with user and group-based access restrictions to prevent unnecessary access to sensitive files.
  • Delegate roles to faculty and staff so that they can manage group memberships of their students based on their courses.

Self-service password management

  • Enable users to reset passwords from their Windows, macOS, and Linux logon screens, and mobile devices.
  • Allow users to update their local cached credentials after a remote password reset.

Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on

  • Secure access to machine (Windows, macOS, and Linux OS), VPN, and OWA logins with MFA.
  • Enable seamless access to any OAuth, OpenID Connect or SAML-enabled enterprise apps like EduBrite, Dropbox, Tableau, and more.

User behavior analysis

  • Detect, investigate, and mitigate threats like malicious logins, lateral movement, privilege abuse, data breaches, and malware.
  • Gain complete visibility into user logon activity, from logon failures to logon.
  • Track file accesses, permission and ownership changes, and more.

9 out of 10 Fortune 100 companies organizations trust ManageEngine AD360 to manage their IAM.

Prior to AD360, we had no visibility into our AD infrastructure. Now we’re able to monitor all AD transactions as far as group changes, user creation, security, authentication logs and much more.

Callixtus Muanya Windows administrator at Harvard

Other options, were requiring a modification of the Active Directory schema, I liked that AD360 did not. The ability to ‘brand’ the tool to our School was also important.

Robert Peterson Technical Support Manger at The Principia

I have used ManageEngine products before and was confident in getting a good working product. The deployment was simple and clean and the instructions were clear. The technical support provided was prompt and helpful.

Victor Palkaninec IT Support Engineer at Time4Learning

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