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IT environment

Healthcare organizations face several challenges while navigating the IT environment. Ensuring critical patient data integrity, managing compliance controls, and mitigating insider threats are imperative to the success of the organization.

ManageEngine AD360 helps healthcare organizations leverage a strong suite of solutions to protect patient privacy, prove compliance, fend off attackers, improve operational efficiency, and confront healthcare IT challenges.

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outstanding patient care with a comprehensive IT compliance solution

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Cybersecurity challenges that AD360 can address

AD360 helps drastically improve your cybersecurity posture by providing a complete suite of identity and access management (IAM) and IT compliance solutions that make adhering to compliance and maintaining the integrity of protected health information (PHI) a breeze.

Secure confidential PHI

Deter cyberattacks by monitoring every aspect of your Active Directory—review security incident reports, track changes in real time at the attribute level, spot undesired changes and revert them to the correct value immediately, and track and audit user access to systems that contain protected health information.

Achieve HIPAA compliance

Ensure effective information security control through continuous and thorough monitoring. Always stay in the know with over 200 preconfigured reports to view changes made in the system, track user actions, access data logs, and modify data. With around-the-clock monitoring and instant email alerts, prove healthcare compliance with GDPR and HIPAA standards.

Mitigating insider threats

Combat insider threats by leveraging user behavior analytics, which applies machine learning algorithms to create a baseline of normal behavior specific to each user, and get notified about deviations from this norm. Instantly respond to these deviations by configuring automatic actions to be performed, such as running scripts or executing batch files, when an anomalous event occurs.

Administer granular password policies and implement MFA

Enforce fine-grained password policies for organizational units (OUs) and groups, and implement a stringent password policy for privileged users who have access to PHI. Prevent users from setting passwords that are dictionary words, easy-to-crack patterns, or passwords that have been compromised due to data breaches. Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for different users based on domain, OU, and group memberships, all while ensuring a seamless login experience

Ensure business continuity

Recover instantly from cyberattacks by rolling back your entire AD, a few OUs, or even individual objects to a previous backup point, and undo all changes made to objects after that point in time. Schedule backups to happen automatically at regular intervals without any human intervention.

Privilege assignment and monitoring

Assign only the required level of access to a patient's health information to doctors, nurses, health insurance executives, and others who are directly responsible for that patient.

Identify and get alerts on telltale signs of privilege abuse, such as unusually large volumes of file modifications and attempts to access critical files. Spot privilege escalation attacks by monitoring and auditing changes made to security groups.

Deliver outstanding patient care with AD360, a comprehensive IAM and IT compliance solution