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Integrated Identity & Access Management Solution

An identity and access management solution

In today’s IT-driven business climate, users need quick and easy access to data and other IT resources to get their work done. Access to these resources needs to be protected and tracked to ensure security and compliance with IT regulations. As a result, IT departments face an increasing number of challenges: provisioning users across multiple platforms, controlling access to applications and data, helping users with their password issues, and more.

AD360 is an integrated identity and access management (IAM) solution that allows you to provision, modify, and deprovision user identities, and control user access to network resources. It lets you do all these across on-premises Active Directory, Exchange Servers, and cloud applications from a centralized console. With AD360, you can simplify IAM in your IT environment by giving users quick access to the resources they need while establishing tight access controls to ensure security.

What can AD360 do?

User provisioning

Create multiple user accounts in Active Directory simultaneously. AD360 also comes with the option to provision accounts in G Suite, Office 365, and Exchange Server. This frees you from having to write scripts to create user accounts in bulk. It also allows you to create multiple user provisioning templates that contain the standard user attribute values, or import the user attributes from a CSV file, to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend creating user accounts.

User life cycle management

Apart from provisioning user accounts, AD360 also lets you modify and retire accounts when users change roles or leave the organization, respectively. You can modify users in bulk by applying customized templates or by importing data from a CSV file. To deprovision users, you can bulk disable or delete accounts based on your organization's policy.

Access management

AD360 helps you make sure each user has the right amount of privileges and access. Maintain an audit trail of every user's access to resources while managing permissions and rights granted to users.

Privileged account management

Each organization has their own share of user accounts with elevated privileges, which can cause a lot of trouble if compromised. AD360 allows you to monitor all privileged accounts, alerting you if any suspicious activity is performed from those accounts.

Single sign-on (SSO)

AD360 provides enterprise single sign-on capabilities, which makes it easy for users to access all of their cloud applications. Further, AD360 protects cloud logins with multi-factor authentication and controls access to cloud applications with OU- and group-based security policies.

Multi-factor authentication

Fortify access to sensitive resources using MFA for Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint logons and various applications. We support authenticators such as YubiKey, Duo Security, RSA SecureID, etc. You can also selectively configure MFA for users based on domains, OUs, and group memberships.

Task automation with approval-based workflows

From user provisioning and deprovisioning to group modifications, AD360 automates all crucial and oft-repeated tasks. With a customizable, approval-based workflow system, AD360 automates repetitive processes without taking any control away from you. Through this system, you can define who should review an automated process and who should approve it, enabling you to stay in complete control.

Self-service for end users

Password-related issues are the number one source of help desk calls and also a major challenge in IAM. With AD360’s self-service password management feature, you can empower users to reset passwords and unlock accounts on their own without help desk assistance, saving costs. Also, you can enable self-service for other common yet crucial tasks such as updating user attributes in AD and managing group memberships.

Role-based help desk delegation

AD360 lets you delegate administrative tasks to non-administrative users through an established workflow for completely secure delegation. You can delegate tasks with a scope limited to a specific OU or group. AD360 delegation is completely secure with appropriate authentication and authorization controls that dramatically reduce the workload of you and your team.