Identity is the new security perimeter; here's how to protect it

Organizations have been focusing on firewall and endpoint security solutions to secure themselves from cyberattacks. However, gone are the days when internal networks and endpoints were the perimeters of an organization. Employees today access their critical work-related resources from anywhere, at any time, using multiple devices. Digital transformation has made the identity of users and devices the key for accessing data and the network infrastructure.  

A recent survey shows 50 percent of data breaches happen due to compromised end-user credentials. [1] What’s worse, a single data breach now costs around $4 million on average. [2] These stats show that securing identities and implementing tighter access controls should be at the center of every organization's security program.

In this e-book, we discuss:

  • Why organizations need to turn their focus from traditional security perimeters to
    identity as a security parameter.
  • The price companies pay for poor identity and access management (IAM).
  • IAM best practices to prevent a cyberattack.

Identity is the new security perimeter; here's how to protect it

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