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10 common mistakes relating to AD and ITSecurity  

There are certain mistakes which could prove dangerous, here are 10 such critical functionalities that need your immediate attention. Please do a retrospect while answering these questions to see if these activities are performed in your environment

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  1. Your AD is not located in a DMZ and the AD Servers usually have internet access
  2. Every local administrator's password on every machine is the same and the local administrator accounts are never disabled.
  3. Still people remote into Domain controllers to get work done in AD
  4. Its a practice to add users to local administrative group at the time of user on-boarding.
  5. Possibility of NTLM authentication being used! Trusting it to be secure.
  6. Trust the existing AD password conditions, no black listing passwords for AD and other applications 
  7. Permission once given in AD/FS/workgroup machines, stays forever. No one audits such activities 
  8. Ghost accounts appeared suddenly as AD/local accounts were not clean.
  9. Does your organization come under the purview of compliance mandates such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISM, GLBA, and GDPR?
  10. Are you worried about privilege creep, i.e., users gaining excessive access rights?
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