Modern financial enterprises, like yours, need to be as good at data protection as you are at your core business. Identity management is the first touchpoint customers have with your applications, and getting this interaction right is vital for setting you up for increased customer conversions and ongoing loyalty. Strike the right balance between security and user experience with ManageEngine's IAM solution, AD360.


Easily Orchestrate Secure User Journeys

Manually managing multiple users’ identities, provisioning access to critical resources, revoking access when employees leave, and modifying user attributes can be overwhelming and leaves room for human error. AD360 lets administrators automate crucial routines such as user provisioning, de-provisioning, unlocking users, and password resets by leveraging a review-approval-based controlled automation policy.


Breeze through Compliance Audits

Numerous compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS mandate the implementation of IT security measures to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of financial data. Get audit-ready reports for PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, and other compliance regulations applicable in the financial sector. Generate reports in seconds that are tailored specifically to meet compliance audits.


Deliver a Secure and Seamless User Experience

Allow users to access all their applications with one identity by facilitating single-sign-on login for all on-premises and cloud apps. Improve the end-user experience by eliminating the need to log in multiple times to access different applications and cut down on password-related help desk calls.


Improve security posture with MFA

AD360 combines SSO with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to secure user access to cloud and on-premises applications. Protect confidential financial data by applying different authentication factors for different users based on risk factors such as IP address, time of access, device, and geolocation with risk-based automated access control.


Break down silos and integrate across tools

Perform a variety of management actions all without leaving your help desk console. AD360 integrates with the help desk tools such as ServiceDesk Plus, Zendesk, and ServiceNow and empowers help desk technicians to simultaneously provision user accounts in AD, Microsoft 365, G Suite, and Exchange. Integrate with popular HR tools such as Zoho People, Ultipro, BambooHR, and Workday and make AD account management easy for HR managers.

Cybersecurity challenges that AD360 can address

AD360 helps drastically improve your cybersecurity posture by providing a complete suite of identity and access management (IAM), IT security, and compliance solutions that make adhering to compliance and maintaining the integrity of business-critical financial data a breeze.

Monitor access to sensitive financial data

  • Get information regarding who changed which file or folder, when, and from where, along with failed attempts to change a file, across your Windows, NetApp, EMC, Synology, Huawei, and Hitachi file systems.
  • Keep tabs on data access rights by monitoring folder owner and permission changes, and get alerted on changes to critical files and folders via email and SMS.
  • Prevent inappropriate access to financial data by leveraging ADAudit Plus' machine learning capabilities to spot unusual volumes of file changes and changes occurring at unusual times.

Analyze and refine share permissions with ready-made NTFS reports

  • Gain complete visibility and prevent unauthorized access to NTFS partitions and shares with pre-configured access permissions reports for folders, files, and server shares.
  • See which users and groups have access to folders in a specified path with predefined reports on Active Directory access control permissions for users and groups.
  • Track failed files and folders access or modify attempts which are often the first signs of security threats with round-the-clock auditing.

Mitigate insider threats by spotting suspicious user behavior

  • Leverage machine learning and statistical analytics, to create a baseline of normal behavior specific to each user and get instant alerts when deviations from this norms are observed.
  • Actively respond to threats by detecting anomalies instantly in user logons, account lockouts, permission changes by configuring automatic responses to incidents.
  • Leverage continuous privileged user activity monitoring to audit administrator activity, track privileged user access to critical data, detect privilege escalation and lateral movement patterns.

Administer granular password policies and eliminate password reset tickets

  • Enforce uses to set strong user passwords with custom password policy enforcer that can be applied to users belonging to specific domains, OUs, and groups.
  • Generate reports for weak passwords set by your users by comparing their passwords against a list of over 100,000 commonly used weak passwords and force a password change.
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for different users based on domain, OU, and group memberships and enables users to reset their passwords securely or unlock their accounts themselves.

9 out of 10 Fortune 100 companies organizations trust ManageEngine AD360 to manage their IAM.

Due to the simplicity and detail provided by AD360, we now have a fully audited file system that accesses the data we need, when we need it.

Mohsin Malique IT Administrator at Crunch

A good web based and cost effective solution. We like the auditing option on NetApp Filer. Also, it has partially to do with our satisfaction with other products that ManageEngine has excelled in.

Ricky Chand Systems Engineer, Bank of South Pacific, Fiji

Just about the best piece of security software that would put a smile on any security administrator.

Jacinto Godinho Administrator, Al-Ahli Bank.

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