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Welcome to IAM library!

There are millions of organizations in the world, big and small. They all have different purposes, working towards building a better world solving different problems. But no matter how different they are, they all have a common enemy.

Enter security threats.

Organizations deserve to be protected from security threats, or at least they should be aware of the threats and their consequences. We believe that the first step towards implementing security is awareness.

That’s why, here, at IAM library we bring in all the IAM and IT security content for sysadmins, and IAM enthusiasts. We hope to add value to you and your organization by sharing and guiding you with all the necessary information and resources around IAM.

Bottom-line: Our goal is to create awareness by providing a library of expert information to further augment your knowledge of IAM and IT security, and to help you cut through the innate complexity of IT literature, for a better understanding.