• Happy SysAdmin DayWithout you enabling remote work for us, the IT world would have come to a halt. This is our way of saying thank you.
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  • got interrupted by roomate asking me if i have her icepacks - everyone in the conference started to ask everyone - do you have her icepack?

  • I was asked to replace the hard drive, remotely!

  • Right in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, my boss quit with no notice...so I can't point to one specific thing, but it was and has been a whirlwind!

  • This one lady that was WFH wouldn't take no for an answer when her ISP kept having downtime. She wanted me to fix it and asked me to go to her home and troubleshoot!

  • When I had to explain how to replace a toner cartridge over the phone, and despite my best efforts it still took nearly 30 minutes.

  • I now live at work remotely.

  • My network provider had an issue and I couldn't work anymore.

  • At my last job I was in charge of the Windows 7 replacement project which had me working at our remote locations for months. The thing was that I was expected to continue with all of my regular projects (construction, acquisitions, day to day) while also putting in 8 + hours out of office and traveling.

  • I work at a hotel, so you are either onsite or you were furloughed until business resumed. The reservations manager took her desktop computer home but she could not log in. We had no WFH program setup, no warning or heads up, just took the system home. So yea no VPN setup, no connectivity, no way for her to log in and work.

  • I recently became a full time remote employee, but I also recently sold my house. Currently, we are living in my mother's house while our new home is being built. My new remote work situation has me stationed at a folding table in my bedroom which is also doubling as my 3 bird's bedroom. When they are not flying onto my head during meetings and sticking their face in the camera, they are patiently waiting for me to get on the phone so they can all scream at the same time. At least they know how to talk and remind me they love me every day! They make remote work quite the jungle adventure!

  • We were essential so never did remote work

  • Last week, on vacation, the phone system decided to drop most incoming calls. Managed to remote in and get things straightened up.

  • I became very familiar with how little users knew their personal home networks. Beyond supporting business functions, I became an at-home assistant for families by helping with kids remote learning.

  • Working with a technician for a company who called me and told me his server had ransome ware messages. Trying to walk him through removing the external backup before it got taken over. After 15 minutes I realized he was not at work but at home. By the time we got that figured out it was too late. :(

  • I ended up drawing the short straw and became the one who had to stay at the office and support all the remote workers and maintain physical systems.

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