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Over 280,000 organizations across 190 countries
trust ManageEngine to manage their IT.

A comprehensive identity
and access management solution for hybrid IT

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Features offered

  • 360° user provisioning
  • AI-driven access insights
  • SSO and self-service password resets
  • Anomaly detection and alerting
  • Compliance management
  • MFA for VPNs, OWA, cloud applications and endpoints
  • Automation, workflows, and delegation
  • Microsoft 365 management and security

Why choose ManageEngine AD60?

Digital identity management for your hybrid IT environment from a single console

  • Straightforward installation and easy integration of components
  • User behavior analytics
  • Integration with HRMS, SIEM, and ITSM applications

Key highlights of ManageEngine AD360

  • Identity life cycle management
  • Identity security
  • Automation and approval workflow
  • Auditing and IT compliance management
  • UBA-driven analytics

Identity life cycle management

  • Easily provision, modify, and deprovision accounts and mailboxes for multiple users at once across AD, Exchange Server, Microsoft 365 services, and Google Workspace from a single console.
  • Use customizable user creation templates and import data from a CSV to provision user accounts in bulk.
  • Get reports on all major aspects of your on-premises and cloud directories and applications; manage identities on-the-fly right from within the reports.
  • Back up all enterprise applications such as AD, Azure AD, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and on-premises Exchange, and perform either complete or partial restorations based on your need.

Identity security

  • Fortify machine (Windows, macOS, and Linux), VPN, and OWA logons with MFA for remote and local access to network resources with over 20 techniques including biometrics, YubiKey, and Duo Security to verify user identities.
  • Allow users to access multiple enterprise applications with one identity using single sign-on.
  • Use contextual information such as network address, geolocation, device, and business hours to adapt authentication factors in real time.
  • Enforce additional factors of authentication for privileged accounts and accounts with administrative rights.

Automation and approval workflow

  • Automate error-prone and repetitive IAM tasks using smart templates.
  • Automate AD user account cleanups to purge inactive accounts and plug security gaps.
  • Enable custom approval-based workflows to ensure AD routines are streamlined and efficient.
  • Assign workflow agents and priority to important tasks.

Auditing and IT compliance management

  • Ensure that IT compliance standards like SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and FISMA are met with the help of compliance reports.
  • Audit all changes made in real time and get instant email notifications on critical changes.
  • Monitor user logon activities and activities of privileged users.
  • Audit file accesses, permission changes, and more across Windows, NetApp, EMC, Synology, Hitachi, and Huawei file systems.

UBA-driven analytics

  • Spot anomalies in user activities after establishing baseline activity patterns.
  • Monitor the use of privileged accounts to detect privilege abuse.
  • Use the power of machine learning to detect rogue users and mitigate threats before they cause damage.

Backup and restoration

  • Leverage full and incremental backup of all AD objects including users, computers, contacts, groups, OUs, GPOs, dynamic distribution groups, and DNS nodes.
  • Recovery objects, even those that are past their tombstone period, using restart-free recovery options for uninterrupted productivity.
  • Restore individual objects or attributes with granular restoration options.
  • Track custom automated backup operations and delegation of backup operations through built-in audit reports.
  • View an intuitive dashboard for a real-time summary of backup and restoration operations, and search for objects and their modification history.

Native AD tools vs ManageEngine AD360

  • Features
  • Over 1,000 built-in reports
  • Automations
  • Delegation
  • Approval workflows
  • High availability
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Report scheduling
  • Real-time notifications via email
  • Export reports in CSV, PDF, HTML, and XLS formats
  • Native AD tools
  • ManageEngine AD360

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Rethink your IAM strategy
using AD360

  • AD360 is as easy as it looks and is as easy as it is with accuracy and accountability of information. Now, our security office has more control over the domain while monitoring the admin group activities.

    Shawn W

    Dept. of Employment and Workforce, South Carolina

  • We are an emergency healthcare provider. We see the software as good risk avoidance with some good risk management practices and help us meet HIPAA compliance. We chose AD360, which works 24/7/365 like us.

    JT Mason

    director of IT, California Transplant Donor Network

  • I have used ManageEngine products before and was confident in getting a good working product. The deployment was simple and clean and the instructions were clear. The technical support provided was prompt and helpful.

    Victor Palkaninec

    IT support engineer, Time4Learning

Over 10,000+ technicians trust ManageEngine AD360
to manage their Windows environment.

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