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Mastering Active Directory and Azure AD administration

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Presented by Abi,Product expert
  • Duration

    45 Mins

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Why watch this webinar?

Remember the old days when IT environments were on-premise? Machines were on-premise, data was stored in house, users had a single domain-joined account, and even apps were hosted on-premises. Ever since companies have started to embrace the cloud, the IT landscape is becoming difficult to protect and administer. Users have more than a single identity (hybrid identities), workload and company data are now scattered between on-premise and public cloud deployments. This hybrid approach may be a 'transitional state' before shifting fully to the cloud, but for most companies, it is just a business model that makes logical sense. Either ways, hybrid IT will continue to be the norm for years to come, and we must adopt a systematic administration strategy.

In this webinar, we'll :

  • Observe in depth the core administration concepts on traditional on-premise deployments like Active Directory (AD) and public cloud infrastructures like Azure AD.
  • Observe the drawbacks of native features and tools that are used for routine IT management tasks and for enforcing security.
  • Overcome the limitations by adopting a systematic approach to streamline critical administration tasks in AD and Azure AD, and also enforce a strategy to prevent security incidents with ManageEngine AD360.

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