With IT security, trust has always been a critical element. Now, with digital transformation and cloud adoption increasing among organizations, implementing security specific to the network perimeter has evolved. IT security teams need to enable access rights for users regardless of their location, device, or network. Utilizing the Zero Trust framework, with its underlying principle of “Never trust, always verify,” IT security teams can verify user identities before granting them necessary privileges. Zero Trust compliments the identity and access management (IAM) framework, which governs the identities of different users and entities.

Align your IAM with Zero Trust to:

  • Protect identities with flexible but secure authentication policies
  • Identify unauthorized actions by governing access rights
  • Restrict inappropriate accesses with least privilege and just-in-time policies
  • Plug potential entry points by detecting and removing orphaned accounts automatically
  • Discover malicious activity with privileged user activity monitoring

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