Bare Metal Backup

Domain Controller Bare Metal Restoration

A corrupted domain controller brings your business to a standstill and must be non-authoritatively restored as soon as possible to mitigate losses.

RecoveryManager Plus is a disaster recovery solution that backs up all parts of your domain controllers, including the system state (Sysvol folder), boot volume, and AD database (Ntds.dit). Once a full backup of the necessary components is made, you can configure RecoveryManager Plus to search for any changes on a daily basis. If a change is detected, RecoveryManager Plus backs up the modified data and stores it as an incremental backup.

All changes made after the full backup are stored as incremental backups, ensuring your entire AD is recoverable when disaster strikes, while using minimal disk space.

Active Directory Domain Controller Incremental Backup

A few highlights

Non-authoritative restoration

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to non-authoritatively restore domain controllers from any of the available backups. After restoration, the domain controller receives all directory changes that have been made since the backup from the other domain controllers in the network through replication. For more information on how to non-authoritatively restore domain controllers, click here.

Authoritative restoration

RecoveryManager Plus also allows you to perform authoritative restoration of domain controllers. This mode allows you to restore domain controllers from any of the available backups, and the restored domain controller replicates and overwrites all other domain controllers in the domain to match the restored DC. For more information on how to authoritatively restore domain controllers, click here.

Backup retention

Organizations around the world have to comply with backup retention criteria set by both governments and their own security protocols, all of which can vary between three months and a year. Keeping this in mind, RecoveryManager Plus gives you the flexibility to configure a custom backup schedule for domain controllers and specify the number of full backups to be retained.

Incremental backups

To maintain a copy of the latest version of your domain controllers, configure RecoveryManager Plus to check for any changes made after the last full backup and save them. These incremental backups ensure that you recover the entirety of your domain controllers, no matter how old your full backup is, while saving you time and storage.

Custom backup scheduler

Customize the time at which full and incremental backups are run. Typically, it is considered good practice to fully back up your domain controllers every month and incrementally back up changes on a daily basis.

Support for multiple Windows servers

RecoveryManager Plus can back up domain controllers running on Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and 2016.

RecoveryManager Plus: The time machine your Active Directory needs.

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