Features of RecoveryManager Plus

The key features of the product are summed up below:

The corner stone of this application is the high granularity it offers. You can recover the entire directory, a specific object or just an attribute as per your requirement using RecoveryManager Plus.

Incremental backups are created for all changes made to AD objects. In incremental backup, only the most recent changes, made post the previous backup operation are recorded. This kind of backup takes up minimal backup time, lesser storage space and offers excellent version control.

The rollback feature operates by creating ‘rollback points’ for every backup operation performed and lets you go back in time and undo changes performed after a particular rollback point. This allows you to recover the entire directory or portions of it; say a particular object or an attribute as per your requirement.

RecoveryManager Plus helps you take complete control of changes made to AD by enabling you to undelete, undo move and undo any change made to an object. You also have an option to delete any object created post the rollback point based on your choice.


RecoveryManager Plus offers the option to explore the Active Directory changes using extensive search options. The objectivity of your search can further be improved by applying filters to your search query.

RecoveryManager Plus maintains version level backup for every AD change and thus enables you to rollback all changes or changes corresponding to a specific version with great ease.

RecoveryManager Plus grants you the freedom to granularly recover deleted AD objects based on your preference.

It is often necessary to compare the current value of object to its previous values in order to restore it to a certain value. RecoveryManager Plus keeps track of the entire history of Active Directory changes. This makes it easy for you to compare the current value of an object’s attribute with the previous values and pick the best to restore.

Recovery Management

ManageEngine RecoveryManagerPlus is web-based Active Directory Backup and Restoration solution that comes with Active Directory change control and efficient recovering capabilities that help in quickly restoring any accidental change made to an object or any specific attribute.

Lucid dashboard view

The dashboard view provides a quick snapshot of backup and restore information related to a domain. From the dashboard, details like status of backup, time taken and date of backup can be known.

Restart-free Recovery

With RecoveryManager Plus, you do not have to restart or shut down your DC to perform a recovery operation. As you don't have to restart the servers, you can ensure continuous and high availability of DCs for all the users who are already logged on, and also for the ones who might be attempting to log on.

A single pane of glass for complete Active Directory Backup and Recovery Management