Add an Active Directory domain

In this section, you can add or update the domain details of the domains that you wish to backup using RecoveryManager Plus. This section provides options to:

Add a New Domain

To add a new domain for the first time,

Set a Default Domain

Set a default domain.

To set a default domain,

Note: The Add New Domain option will not be available in the FREE version of the product.

Edit a Domain

To modify the settings of a domain,

Enable/Disable a Domain

Disabling a domain will stop all the backup operations scheduled for that domain. Also, operations like restoring, saving backup settings or saving recovery settings cannot be performed, if domain is disabled. You can enable a disabled domain at any time.

To enable or disable a domain,

Delete a Domain

Deleting a domain will delete all backups of the corresponding domain.

To delete a domain that you have configured,

Manage Multiple Domains

You can enable/disable multiple domains simultaneously using this option.

To manage domains,

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