How does RecoveryManager Plus Work:


RecoveryManager Plus is a cloud based application that has been developed using Microsoft Windows Azure platform. You can access this cloud application using Google, Yahoo or Live account credentials.

RecoveryManager Plus requires an 'Agent' that needs to be installed in your domain. This agent is responsible for connecting to your domain controller and performing backup operations as per schedule. When a restore operation is initiated from the cloud server, the agent receives data from the cloud server and updates the domain controller with backed up information.

Data Security

Data Location:

The RecoveryManager Plus service has been developed using Microsoft Windows Azure platform. All of our services run in the Microsoft Data-center, which is in compliance with key industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005, for security and reliability. The Data-center is located at California, US. For more information, kindly visit the following Microsoft website.

Data Encryption:

SSL/TSL is used to encrypt the entire network communication. Additionally, the Rijndeal algorithm (AES) with a key size of 256 bit has been used to encrypt information wherever required. Active Directory administrator credentials are encrypted and protected at operating system level using Microsoft DPAPI, and the encrypted information is stored in your local machine, where the agent has been installed.

Data Isolation:

Owing to RMP's multi-tenancy, each customer's data has been isolated. The isolated information can only be accessed by a valid SAML token from identity providers like Google, Yahoo or Microsoft live accounts. The identity providers have been entirely externalized to ensure customer data security. Even RecoveryManager Plus support technicians are not granted direct access to the customer data and troubleshooting would be performed remotely, when the need arises.