License Management

Manage Licenses

RecoveryManager Plus is licensed based on the number of SharePoint and OneDrive sites backed up. This section allows you to manage licenses and select the SharePoint and OneDrive sites that you wish to backup.

To manage licenses,

  • Navigate to SharePoint & OneDrive tab → License Management.
  • Select SharePoint or OneDrive tab from the top-band to manage licenses for that particular Office 365 service.
  • The screen displays the following information at the top of the table.
    • Total Licenses – This shows the number of licenses purchased.
    • Used Licenses – This shows the number of mailboxes licensed by the product.
    • Remaining Licenses – The number of unused licenses is shown here.
  • To select/unselect all sites in the tenant, hover your mouse under the Managed sites column of the tenant and click Manage All/ Unmanage All link.
  • To add or remove individual sites from backup, click the total number of sites in the Managed Sites column.
  • In the pop-up that appears, select the type of sites that you wish to see, i.e., only the managed sites, or the unmanaged, or both from the Site View drop-down box.
  • Click icon-search icon to search for the mailbox by their display name or the URL.
  • Click icon-refresh icon to fetch any modifications to the list of sites for that Office 365 tenant.
  • Select the sites that you wish to manage/unmanage.
  • Click OK to save the selection.
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