Tenant configuration

This section lists the steps needed to

Before you configure an Office 365 tenant, make sure that you satisfy the prerequisites listed below.


Configure an Office 365 tenant for backup

To add an Office 365 tenant for the first time, 

Once you have added an Office 365 tenant, you can perform any of the following actions.

Add a new Office 365 tenant

To add another Office 365 tenant after you’ve configured your first,

Modify an existing Office 365 tenant

You can edit the details of any existing Office 365 tenant or delete an Office 365 tenant.

Manage Licenses

RecoveryManager Plus is licensed based on the number of Office 365 mailboxes to be backed up. This section allows you to manage licenses and select the mailboxes that you wish to backup.

To manage licenses, 

You can modify the list of mailboxes to be backed up in any of the following methods:

Importing a list of mailboxes to be backed up using a CSV file

You can use a CSV file with the list of all mailboxes that you would like to add or remove from the licensed mailboxes list. To download a sample CSV file, click here.

To import a CSV file,

Manually selecting the list of mailboxes to be backed up

To manually add or remove mailboxes,

To select/unselect all users in the tenant, hover your mouse under the Managed Mailboxes column of the tenant and click Manage All/ Unmanage All link.