Recovery Settings

The Recovery Settings helps you configure the restore and recycle options pertaining to the objects in the domain you wish to recover. Using the setting in this section, you can perform the following operations while recovering AD objects.

Default Password

This option allows you to set a default password when you restore deleted user accounts.

To enable this feature,

Preserve Object Password

Select this option if you want to retain a user's last set password in Active Directory. This helps in restoring the last set password along with the user account during restoration.

To enable this feature,

Note: RecoveryManager Plus does not store users’ password. When this option is selected, RecoveryManager Plus modifies the AD schema to instruct AD to retain the Unicode-pwd attribute when a user is deleted. When deleted users are restored, the Unicode-pwd attribute is also restored along with the other attributes of the user, thereby restoring users’ last set password.

Force Replication

Enabling this setting will immediately replicate any Restore/Rollback changes to all other domain controllers in the domain.

To enable force replication,

Recover Tombstone Expired Objects

Enabling this option allows you to recover deleted objects that are past their tombstone lifetime.

To enable recovery of tombstone rxpired objects,

  1. Mark the checkbox against Recover Tombstone Expired Objects.
  2. Click Save to save the changes.

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