This section allows administrators to configure the various host servers in your environment for backup and restoration.

When you begin for the first time, to configure a virtual server (vCenter or ESXi) for backup,

To add an additional virtual server (vCenter or ESXi) for backup,

After a virtual server has been configured for backup, the following information corresponding to the server is displayed:

When a virtual server has been configured, you can perform any of the following operations:

Modify settings of a configured virtual server

Enable/disable a configured virtual server

Delete a configured virtual server

License Management

Virtual machine backup and restoration functionality is licensed based on the number of hosts that are configured with RecoveryManager Plus. The license management option allows you to efficiently manage your license.

Note: If you have removed a server that was previously backed up, mark the check box against Delete the previous backups of unlicensed Servers to delete the backups taken previously to conserve storage space.