File level restoration

To restore individual files or folders from backups, perform the steps listed below:

  • Navigate to the Virtual EnvironmentVMwareRestore.
  • Click File Level Restore button at the top of the screen.
  • Enter a distinguishable name for the restore operation for future references.
  • Select the VM in which you would like to perform the file level restoration.
  • Select the restore point which contains the file version to which you wish to restore to from the drop-down box.
  • Click Mount.

RecoveryManager Plus allows three different ways in which you can restore individual files/folders. Choose one based on your need.

  • Restore (Keep): Create a copy of the file/folder with a new name in the same location.
  • Restore (Overwrite): Replace a file/folder with the version from the backup.
  • Copy to: Create a copy of the file/folder to a location of your choice.
    • In the fields that appear below, select the location where you wish to copy the file (the same machine or a different machine) using the Destination drop-down box.
    • Provide the location where the file should be stored in the Folder Path field.
  • Select the file/folder that you wish to restore in the browser and click Restore.
    Note 1: If you had opted to copy the file to a different machine, provide the Name or IP of the destination machine, and the Username and Password of a user who has read/write permissions for the destination.
    Note 2: If VMware tools is not installed in the selected VM, you'll also have to enter the IP of the VM in the text-box provided.
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