Instant recovery

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to perform instant recovery of VMware virtual machines. Unlike traditional virtual machine recovery methods, Instant Recovery does not restore the data from the backup file to the EXSi’s datastore. Instead, the product directly starts the virtual machine from the compressed and encrypted backup file.

Once the instant recovery is complete, you can work with the recovered virtual machine like any other machine hosted on your server. You can also migrate the recovered virtual machine any number of times to create an actual hardened virtual machine whose state will reflect the one at the recovered virtual machine at the time of migration.

Note: To perform an instant recovery, you’ll have to configure a NFS Proxy if you don’t have one already. To learn about the steps required to add a new NFS Proxy, click here.

To perform an instant recovery of a VMware virtual machine,

Once you’ve performed an instant recovery, you’ll be presented with a dashboard that provides the following information:

Once you’ve restored a VM, you can perform the following operations:

Migrate the restored VM to a different host.

Performing this operation will duplicate the recovered VM to a new host.

To perform a migration of the recovered VM,

Unregister the restored VM and delete the VM’s files from the NFS Proxy.

Unregistering the vm will remove it from the ESXi inventory and delete all of its files from the NFS proxy. The recovered machine will no longer be available.

To unregister a VM,