Microsoft Hyper-V Backup

Hyper-V backup and restoration

For many organizations considering virtualization, Microsoft's Hyper-V is the go-to choice. But even in a Hyper-V environment, the huge amount of changes that virtual machines (VMs) undergo in any given day means any one change can bring down the entire VM infrastructure.

To keep your VMs up and running, it is vital to keep track of every change made and always be ready to restore machines to their last working stage or to any of their previous stages. Not being prepared to immediately rollback an unwanted change can severely affect the operations of your organization. With RecoveryManager Plus, you can instantly back up your Hyper-V VMs and restore them to any of their backed-up states.

How RecoveryManager Plus works

RecoveryManager Plus backs up all parts of your Hyper-V VMs, including the VM disk, configuration information, and applications running on those machines. After creating a full backup of your VMs, RecoveryManager Plus searches for changes made to the machine on a daily basis. When it detects any changes, it backs up the modified data and stores it as an incremental backup. These incremental backups can be used to restore any VM to its last known working state.

Benefits of RecoveryManager Plus

Changed Block Tracking

Between backups, Changed Block Tracking (CBT) tags any storage blocks with changes on them and stores that storage block information. RecoveryManager Plus accesses this information and copies only the changed blocks, saving precious storage space.

SCVMM integration

Configuring any System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) with RecoveryManager Plus automatically adds all the Hyper-V hosts configured within it. This eliminates the need to individually add each Hyper-V host for backup.

Copy VMs to multiple hosts from the same backup

The backup of a Hyper-V VM can not only be used to restore the machine to the original hardware, but can also be used to restore it to an entirely new machine in just a few clicks.

Backup retention

Configure a backup retention period for full backups so you can access older backups in case recent backups are corrupted. Specify how many full backups you'd like to retain for each VM and save considerable storage space by discarding older, redundant backups.

Custom backup scheduler

Choose when you'd like to run full and incremental backups. Typically, it is considered best practice to fully back up all VMs every month and incrementally back up changes on a daily basis.


Compress full and incremental backups to one-fourth (25 percent) of their original size to significantly reduce the disk space needed for backups.


Store the backups of your Hyper-V VMs securely with AES 128-bit encryption.

Support for multiple Hyper-V versions

RecoveryManager Plus can back up and restore VMs running in Hyper-V 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, and 2016.

AD and Windows server backup

In addition to Hyper-V backup and restoration, RecoveryManager Plus also backs up your Active Directory and all Windows servers in your environment, making it a 3-in-1 backup and restoration solution.

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