Active Directory Recovery Manager

Active Directory Backup and Recovery Tool

It is next to impossible to think of an Active directory system that does not go through any disaster or accidental deletions during its lifetime. Being a mission-critical service for organizations of any size, backing up of Active Directory data and restoring tombstoned objects is a task that most of the IT administrators do not look forward to for the sheer reason that it is time consuming with potential to even disrupt business. To eliminate such downtimes and ensure business continuity, RecoveryManager Plus comes with simple Active Directory backup and granular restore features that completely automates the backup operation for you.

Key Features

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Benefits of using RecoveryManager Plus

With native tools, backup and restore operations of Active Directory can turn out to be a tedious task disrupting identity and access management. On the other hand, RecoveryManager Plus promises complete system availability by bringing back the changed data in less than a few minutes. Administrators can now have complete control over the changes happening in the AD environment and can direct their efforts in keeping the entire AD system consistent, accessible and operational.

A single pane of glass for complete Active Directory Backup and Recovery Management