P2V Migration

P2V migration of domain controllers

Any unintended change to the AD schema or group policy objects can severely impact how an AD environment performs. For this very reason, administrators need to regularly migrate domain controllers from physical domain controllers. Virtual machines provide administrators with a risk-free way to test configuration changes in Active Directory (AD) without severe repercussions. 

However, recreating an entire AD network on a virtual machine is difficult and laborious. You need a tool that can recreate your AD architecture on a virtual machine easily and efficiently. 

RecoveryManager Plus is just the right kind of tool. It helps you migrate your AD from a physical domain controller to virtual machines without any hassle. 

How it works

Using RecoveryManager Plus, you can migrate your domain controllers from physical servers to virtual machines in just a few steps.

  • Back up the entire domain controller—including the system state (Sysvol folder), boot volume, AD database (Ntds.dit), applications, and all files and folders—using RecoveryManager Plus' bare metal backup feature.
  • Check if you've already created recovery media. If not, create one using the steps listed here.
  • Once the recovery media is created, perform a bare metal restoration of the domain controller on the virtual machine by following the steps listed here.

    Note: Make sure that the virtual machine has equal or more disk space than the domain controller.

  • After completing the bare metal restoration process, open the Command Prompt on the restored domain controller and type in the following commands:


    Highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, File>Load Hive>[restored volume]:\Windows\System32\Config\SYSTEM>Open>Key Name = Restored_HKLM>OK.

    Expand Restored_HKLM\ControlSet001\services 

    If restored to a VMware VM, then ensure:

    intelide>Start = 0

    LSI_SAS>Start = 0

    msahci>Start = 3

    pciide>Start = 3

  • Restart the domain controller to complete the migration process.

In addition to performing P2V restorations of domain controllers, RecoveryManager Plus can also perform P2P, V2P, and V2V restorations, making all your migration troubles a thing of the past. 

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