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Organizations deploy virtual machines (VMs) to reduce physical hardware costs without compromising performance or stability. Once deployed, an organization's entire IT infrastructure is taken care of by VMs, which means that they cannot afford to have their VMs go offline under any circumstances. Given that VMs undergo multiple changes each day, organizations need to be able to restore them to a previous state in case of unintended failures.

RecoveryManager Plus is a hassle-free VM backup and restoration solution that backs up all components of your VMware and Hyper-V VMs—including the VM disk, configuration information, and the applications running in those machines—and restores them to a backed up state instantly when called upon. 

What can RecoveryManager Plus do?

Virtual Environment Backup

No.of VM Hosts Pricing
1 Server (VMware ESXi/Hyper-V Host) US$345
2 Servers (VMware ESXi/Hyper-V Host) US$745
3 Servers (VMware ESXi/Hyper-V Host) US$1,045
5 Servers (VMware ESXi/Hyper-V Host) US$1,795
7 Servers (VMware ESXi/Hyper-V Host) US$2,345
10 Servers (VMware ESXi/Hyper-V Host) US$3,245

Note: Licensing is based on the number of vSphere ESXi/Hyper-V hosts (No restrictions on the number of virtual machines or CPU sockets.)

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