Backup and restoration

Virtual machine backup and restoration

RecoveryManager Plus is a hassle-free, virtual machine backup solution that backs up all components of your VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, including the virtual machine disk, configuration information, and the applications running in those machines.

Once a full backup of the virtual machine is made, you can configure RecoveryManager Plus to search for changes on a daily basis. When RecoveryManager Plus detects any change, it backs up the modified data and stores it as an incremental backup. The backups can be used to restore any virtual machine to its last known working state.

Benefits of RecoveryManager Plus

Incremental backups

Taking incremental backups in RecoveryManager Plus ensures that you always have a copy of the most recent state of your virtual environment, while using minimal disk space. They provide a way to restore the latest version of your virtual environment, no matter how old your full backup is.

Backup retention

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to configure a backup retention period for full backups of virtual machines to make sure that any corruption of your last backup doesn't impede you. You can specify the number of full backups to be retained for each virtual machine, and the incremental backups can be used to easily restore the virtual machines to the last known state. Discarding older backups saves storage space while ensuring that you are prepared for any disaster.

Custom backup scheduler

Customize the time at which full and incremental backups are run. Typically, it is considered good practice to fully back up your domain controllers and all virtual machines every month and incrementally back up changes on a daily basis.


RecoveryManager Plus compresses virtual machine backups to one fourth (25 percent) of their original size to reduce backup storage significantly. This allows you administrators to retain a higher number of backups without having to invest more in data storage.


Securely store your virtual machine backups after encrypting them with AES 128-bit encryption.

Active Directory backup and recovery

In addition to virtual machine backup and restoration, RecoveryManager Plus also backs up your Active Directory environment, making it a 2-in-1 backup and restoration solution.

A single pane of glass for Active Directory and Virtual Environment Backup