VM Backup Retention

Retention policy for virtual machine backups

No organization wants their valuable storage space used up by virtual machine (VM) backups that were taken ages ago. Organizations typically only want to hold backups until their retention period, as defined by organizational standards or government policies, expires.

To ease this storage management headache, RecoveryManager Plus provides a VM backup retention feature. This feature allows you to define a backup retention counter, in other words, the number of full backups that the product will always store in your repository. When the number of full backups in your repository exceeds the specified number, the oldest full backup is deleted.

How it works

By backing up recent changes to your VMs, incremental backups ensure that you can quickly restore your VMs. With RecoveryManager Plus, you can set how often incremental backups are taken. By default,

Virtual machine incremental backup

RecoveryManager Plus takes five incremental backups for every full backup.

On top of one full backup for every five incremental backups, you can also schedule periodic full backups of your VMs. For instance, you can schedule a periodic backup for the 1st of every month.

When you set a backup retention counter, it specifies the maximum number of full backups that can be stored in your repository at all times. When the number of full backups in your repository exceeds the retention count, the oldest full backup in the repository, and all its associated incremental backups, are deleted.

Assume you have the following settings configured in your VM environment: a backup retention count of six backups, incremental backups scheduled to run daily, and full backups set to run on the 15th of each month.

In the above case, after the full backup on day one, RecoveryManager Plus will incrementally back up your VMs for the next five days. RecoveryManager Plus will then take a full backup of your VMs after five days of incremental backups and the cycle will continue, only to be interrupted by the periodic full backup on day 15 as shown in the image below.

Virtual machine backup retention

When RecoveryManager Plus performs a full backup for the seventh time, the backup retention count will have exceeded the limit you set, and the oldest full backup and all incremental backups corresponding to that full backup will be removed from your repository.

Virtual machine backup retention policy

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