Incremental VM Backups

Incremental virtual machine backups

Virtual machines (VMs), whether they're run by VMware or Hyper-V, undergo multiple changes to their configuration and application data each day. Any one of those changes could very well turn out to be the change that brings your entire virtual infrastructure down. For this very reason, it's important to regularly back up your VMs. That way, you can restore VMs to a stable backup point if needed. Given the large number of changes that VMs undergo, if the last backup point is more than a day old, each change made after the backup point has to be created manually, which only adds to the time it takes to bring your VMs up to speed.

Backing up entire VMs each day is a time and space consuming process that is grossly inefficient. To beat this, RecoveryManager Plus allows you to incrementally back up changes made to your VMs after your last backup. This saves the time it takes to back up your VMs, and drastically reduces the size of your stored backups while giving you the ability to restore to the most recent state in case of VM failure.

How it works

RecoveryManager Plus makes taking incremental backups possible by implementing a technology called changed blocked tracking (CBT). The process involves examining a backup file set and locating the blocks that have changed since the last backup. The changed data is backed up instead of the entire file.

RecoveryManager Plus first backs up your entire VM disk—including the virtual machine disk, configuration information, and the applications running on those machines. 

Full Backup

When a change is made to the VM disk in the course of a working day, CBT records the blocks that are changed. 

Changes made to VM disk

When the next backup schedule runs, CBT sends the details of the blocks whose information have been modified to RecoveryManager Plus, and Recovery Manager Plus backs up just the data in those blocks, leaving the other blocks untouched. This reduces the time it takes to complete the backup and also reduces the space required to back up changes made to the VMs.

Changed Block Tracking

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to incrementally back up both VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, saving you time and storage space, while also providing you a way to insure yourself against any VM disaster. 

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