VMware backup and restoration

Organizations deploy VMware virtual machines to reduce physical hardware costs without compromising performance or stability. Once deployed, an organization's IT infrastructure is taken care of by VMware virtual machines, which means that they cannot afford to have those machines go offline under any circumstances. Given that virtual machines (VMs) undergo multiple changes each day, organizations need to be able to restore them to a previous state if they fail.

RecoveryManager Plus performs this function admirably by backing up all components of your VMware VMs—including the virtual machine disk, configuration information, and the applications running on those machines. Restore your VMs to any backup version, quickly and efficiently.

Once you've created a full backup of your VM, configure RecoveryManager Plus to search for changes made to the machine on a daily basis. When RecoveryManager Plus detects any changes, it backs up the modified data and stores it as an incremental backup. Use incremental and full backups to restore any VM to its last known working state.

Benefits of RecoveryManager Plus

Agentless backup at the virtualization layer

The architecture and operation of virtual environments are different from traditional backup environments and demand specific data backup techniques. When using traditional servers, it is customary to install a backup agent on the guest operating system that the backup server contacts when it is about to initiate a backup operation. This method isn't efficient in a virtual environment since it unnecessarily consumes resources on the VM. Instead, RecoveryManager Plus avoids this issue and backs up at the virtualization layer without involving the guest OS layer, reducing the load on VMs.

Changed Block Tracking

Between backups, Changed Block Tracking (CBT) tags any storage blocks with changes on them and stores that storage block information. RecoveryManager Plus accesses this information and copies only the changed blocks, saving precious storage space.

vCenter integration

No need to manually add your ESXi servers to RecoverManager Plus. When you add a vCenter to RecoveryManager Plus, all your ESXi servers and their VMs are added at once. You can choose to back up all VMs, groups of VMs, or individual VMs.

Copy VMs to multiple hosts from the same backup

Restore entire VMs to their original hardware or to a different host in just a few clicks.

Backup retention

Configure a backup retention period for full backups so you can access older backups in case recent backups are corrupted. Specify how many full backups you'd like to retain for each VM and save considerable storage space by discarding older, redundant backups.

Custom backup scheduler

Choose when you'd like to run full and incremental backups. Typically, it is considered best practice to fully back up all virtual machines every month and incrementally back up changes on a daily basis.


Compress full and incremental backups of VMware virtual machines to a quarter of their original size to significantly reduce the disk space needed for backups. This allows you administrators to retain a higher number of backups without having to invest more in data storage.


Securely store your VMware backups with AES 128-bit encryption.

Support for multiple vCenter/ESXi versions

Back up and restore vCenter/ESXi versions 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5.

AD and Windows server backup

In addition to VM backup and restoration, RecoveryManager Plus also backs up your Active Directory and all Windows servers in your environment, making it a 3-in-1 backup and restoration solution.

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