File/folder-level restoration for VMware 
virtual machines

The need to restore entire virtual machines happens quite rarely in work environments; full-scale restorations are mostly restricted to test environments where admins try out various configuration changes. In day-to-day VM management, administrators mostly deal with having to undo a change made to a particular file or folder. In such cases, restoring the entire VM to the backup version that contains the required file version is cumbersome and inefficient.

RecoveryManager Plus’ granular VM restoration capability addresses this issue. With RecoveryManager Plus, you can restore particular files or folders to their backed-up state without having to restore the entire VM. This speeds up the restoration process, with virtually no downtime.

How it works

File/folder-level restorations in RecoveryManager Plus give you a way to access the individual files and folders saved in a restore point. First, mount a particular restore point to browse the contents of that restore point's VMDK disk files. Next, restore or copy any file or folder on the disk files and save it in a location of your choosing.

RecoveryManager Plus also gives you the ability to overwrite an existing file or folder, or even create a second copy of it so you can compare multiple versions of that same file. Overwriting a file or folder will effectively revert it to a previous version.

Other highlights

Changed Block Tracking: Between backups, Changed Block Tracking (CBT) tags any storage blocks with changes on them and stores that storage block information. RecoveryManager Plus accesses this information and copies only the changed blocks, saving precious storage space.

Synthetic full backups: RecoveryManager Plus allows you to create synthetic full backups, which are full backups created without contacting your VM hosts and consolidated directly from the existing backup information. Creating a synthetic full backup does not use network resources and does not effect the performance of your VMs.

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