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File server backup and restoration

In this data-driven age, organizations have to ensure they are able to secure the data entrusted to them. Windows file servers often host all crucial organizational data, such as documents, contacts, customer information, audio files, photographs, images, databases, etc. Any downtime to Windows file servers renders an organization non-functional, and can harm the organization's credibility. 

That's why every organization's primary objective should be to make sure that the data in their file servers is not the only copy of critical data. Organizations need a solution that can back up all the data in their file servers and restore file servers immediately in case of emergencies.

RecoveryManager Plus is web-based Windows file server back up and restoration software that backs up your file servers and allows you to restore the entire server or individual files/folders/volumes at any time. Equip yourself with RecoveryManager Plus to stop worrying about data disasters.

What can RecoveryManager Plus do?

This extensive feature set makes RecoveryManager Plus an ideal file server backup tool, vital to any organization that values data.

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