Backup Retention

Retention policy for Windows server backups

File servers house a high volume of data, which means backing up these servers, even with the best compression ratio, occupies a significant amount of your storage. Best practices recommend taking a full backup of your servers at least once a month, but keeping multiple backups can place a huge strain on your storage repositories and increase your storage costs. You can tackle this problem by establishing a retention policy based on your organization’s data regulations to retain the most recent backups and automatically discard the older ones.

To ease this storage management headache, RecoveryManager Plus offers a retention policy that optimizes your storage repository usage by allowing you to limit the number of backups you'd like to retain. When the number of full backups exceeds this limit, the oldest full backup and all corresponding incremental backups are deleted.

How it works

Let's say you've configured RecoveryManager Plus to take periodic full backups on the first day of each month and incrementally back up changes on a daily basis, with the backup retention count set to three full backups.

RecoveryManager Plus will take a full back up on the first day of the month and incrementally back up changes made each day until the last day of the month as shown in the image below.

Windows server backup retention image-1

This cycle will continue for the next two months as well, by which time your repository will contain three full backups of your Windows servers and corresponding incremental backups.

Windows server backup retention image-2

When RecoveryManager Plus completes a full backup on the first day of the fourth month, the backup retention count will have exceeded the set limit (three), and the oldest full backup and all corresponding incremental backups will be removed from your repository.

Windows server backup retention image-3

By automating the process of discarding older backups, RecoveryManager Plus helps you keep storage costs down. 

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