Incremental Backup

Incremental backups for Windows servers

The files in your Windows file servers undergo many changes throughout the work day. If your backup schedule is sporadic, any disaster that affects your file servers could result in losing a lot of those changes. For this very reason, it's important to regularly back up your file servers. However, taking a full backup of your file servers every day is a waste of valuable time and storage space.

RecoveryManager Plus offers incremental backups so you can back up just the changes made to your file servers after your last backup, drastically reducing the time taken to back up your servers and the space required to hold those backups. 

How it works

The native NTFS file system maintains an update sequence number (USN) change journal. When any change (addition, deletion, or modification) is made to a file or directory in a volume, the USN change journal for that volume is updated with a description of the change and the name of the file or directory.

When performing incremental backups, RecoveryManager Plus reads the change journal to identify the modified files and back up just those files. 

Other highlights

  • Granular restoration from bare metal backups: Perform file, folder, and volume-level restorations from bare metal backups of Windows file servers.
  • Custom backup scheduler: Schedule your backups to run during non-business hours and ensure minimal strain is placed on your Windows servers.
  • Backup retention policy: Define a retention policy to determine the number of full backups to store.
  • Compression: Compress backups to a quarter of their original size so you can retain more backups without having to invest in extra data storage.
  • Encryption: Securely store your Windows Server backups after encrypting them with AES 128-bit encryption.

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