Embracing the AI revolution

According to a PwC survey, 72 percent of business executives believe that AI will be the business advantage of the future. With the world moving away from manual, labor-intensive processes, companies are increasingly relying on AI to streamline operations. From forecast engines and conversational assistants to anomaly detection and behavior analysis, AI capabilities have been progressing in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Executives are also expected to shift to the strategic use of AI to better their day-to-day IT operations.
Some expected use cases are:

  • To enable process automation and eliminate mundane tasks
  • To perform data-driven actions based on smart insights
  • To respond to queries from all stakeholders at a faster rate
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But, two things in particular will boost AI’s popularity:

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Explainable AI

Enterprises will see value in investing in explainable AI technologies, which involve the AI system giving the reasons for its actions and decisions so IT teams can review and correct the AI system in real time.

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AI-powered security

AI will have huge significance in cybersecurity— improving the accuracy of threat detection, performing preliminary inquiries on detected threats, and responding to potential cyberthreats.

The true power of ManageEngine’s AI-based IT management solutions

From an enterprise IT perspective, our AI-enabled solutions continue to prove their worth as they make IT admins' lives easier by automating help desk operations, providing real-time insights about potential security incidents, offering conversational assistance, and providing preemptive solutions to customers' problems using predictive analysis.

We’ve built our AI model while keeping business value and end-user experience in mind. Our AI-based solutions are capable of providing well-defined, actionable insights, automating routine tasks, reducing the margin for error, engaging with clients, and maximizing employee productivity.

The true power of ManageEngine’s AI-based IT management solutions

By deploying ManageEngine solutions powered by machine learning and data
analytics capabilities, your IT teams can:

  •  Monitor user behavior anomalies.
  •  Conduct root cause analysis of issues.
  •  Conduct behavior analysis for users and entities.
  •  Improve predictive analytics.
  •  Improve capacity planning.
  •  Optimize utilization of infrastructural resources.
  •  Export
  •  Implement IT service management.
  •  Monitor the performance of applications.

Achieving a competitive edge with
our AI-based solutions

We’ve built our cognitive AI capabilities over years of extensive research and development. The AI edge bundled into our solutions is designed to drive all data-based operations required to manage your organization's IT infrastructure. Our AI solutions are:

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Explainable AI is going to be key going forward. With our explanation-first AI approach, we've added explanations wherever possible.

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Tweaked to work in low data technology

With lower data retention periods, AI should work with less data. Using transfer learning techniques, we’ve perfected our AI models to perform very well when trained even on smaller amounts of data.

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Proactive in nature

Proactive AI takes action once certain conditions are met. Our models look ahead and prescribe actions when encountering IT incidents.

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Built to separate signals from noise

Data preparation and cleansing are needed for AI to deliver insights from noise. We've added this transformational approach to our models to help with predictions and actions.

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Not resistant to change

Adaptive AI empowers businesses in achieving better results in the ever-changing IT landscape. Our models learn and update the AI-based systems to cater to such changes.

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With privacy being the top priority now more than ever, AI models must comply with privacy standards. Our models are trained in such a way that our customers' privacy remains intact.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been focusing on building our AI solutions from scratch without any external proprietary components. Our AI framework optimizes the full stack to deliver better AI technology to cater to your IT operational needs. Here is the partial listing of the AI capabilities we have incorporated into our offerings.

We’ve focused on the following
technologies to achieve these outcomes:

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Statistical machine learning

To facilitate anomaly detection, outage prediction, and root cause analysis

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Computer vision

To allow object detection and handwriting recognition

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To enable self-service, sentiment detection, and deep insights

Leverage our AI-powered solutions
to better your IT operations

For administrators spending most of their time performing repetitive tasks, our AI capabilities help
save valuable time and effort, making IT management less cumbersome and less prone to error.

AI capabilities are incorporated into various components across our IT management solutions, including:

  • Service delivery
  • IT security
  • IT monitoring

AI in service delivery

Service teams will be able to strike the right balance between business-critical projects and worry less about daily firefighting or handling customers’ basic questions. This will also help counter end-user frustration from a lack of quick-response solutions.

AI in service delivery

Conversational AI for self-service

With our AI-enabled service management solutions, your team can:

  • Use NLP-enabled chatbots for IT service management.
  • Facilitate better engagement between users and IT systems.
  • Improve search capabilities and knowledge management.
  • Enable self-service to allow technicians to focus on higher-value work.

AI in IT security

With the number of cyberattacks increasing on a daily basis, utmost importance must be given to the security of IT infrastructure and endpoints to keep attacks at bay.

AI in service delivery

Score-based anomaly detection

Using our AI-powered IT security solutions, your team can:

  • Detect insider access abuse.
  • Identify the root cause of repeated account lockouts and user logon failures.
  • Detect anomalies using a score-based assessment that recognizes subtle shifts in user activity as a key input.
  • Anticipate security threats to better plan patch deployment across the enterprise.

AI in IT monitoring

As more devices and IT components are added to your IT network, your monitoring capabilities must be enhanced to minimize application downtime. Moreover, once you’ve added forecasting capabilities to your monitoring systems, planning for resources and capacity will be that much easier.

AI in service delivery AI in service delivery AI in service delivery AI in service delivery AI in service delivery AI in service delivery

Trend lines for forecasting

For monitoring purposes, our AI-enabled solutions can help your team:

  • Preset adaptive warning threshold configurations for all devices and get alerts.
  • Identify anomalies and predict outages based on similar past episodes and also suggest a root cause.
  • Plan and prepare to achieve desired targets through "what if" scenario planning.
  • Receive and publish performance reports automatically


AIOps accelerates digital transformation by providing better endpoint management, smarter help desk tools, efficient infrastructure monitoring, effective IT security methods and precise decision-making and corrective actions.

Through our AI-enabled solutions and employ the AIOps methodology in your organization to embrace faster decision-making processes and achieve business goals.

Real-time use case:
Outages prevented thanks to AI

An example of sophisticated AI use in our own office is Site24x7’s outage predictions. Site24x7 is bolstered with several AI methods such as forecasting, root cause analysis, anomaly detection, and incident framing. It notifies the right person in cases of high outage probability.

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Meet Zia, your AI assistant

We, at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation, have added our organization's AI-powered conversational assistant Zia to help you achieve real business impact. We’ve built Zia to help you focus on what you should be doing instead.

Zia plays a supporting role in several of our products, redefining the ways IT teams go about their tasks. Key strengths of Zia are that she integrates with multiple ManageEngine products and provides actionable insights based on the data generated by your entire IT system. Some of Zia’s key AI functionalities include voice assistance, seasonality detection, NLP, forecasting, anomalous behavior detection, and trend detection. All of these are implemented even as relevant privacy regulations are strictly in place.

Meet zia

With Zia at your service, you can:

  • Understand today to predict a better tomorrow.

  • Help your team know where to go next in their process.

  • Automate routine, mundane work significantly.

  • Make data easier to comprehend and work with.

  • Fix errors and prevent disasters.


The Forrester New Wave™:
Chatbots For IT Operations, Q4 2020

Forrester has identified Zia as an ideal starting point for ManageEngine customers who are searching for chatbot support. Being recognized as one of the "providers that matter most," we aim to help IT teams of all sizes and complexities across industries reap the benefits of AI technology.

A parking issue,
now solved by AI

Real-time business case

Decoding the power of enterprise AI

Explore the best way to approach enterprise AI and how organizations can get the maximum benefits out of their AI project.

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