Zia Insights

Zia Insights

The Zia Insights feature analyzes reports and dashboards and automatically provides actionable insights on the visualization. Rather than digging into the report and analyzing a visualization manually, you can use the Zia Insights option to derive insightful information immediately.

Invoking Zia Insights

Zia Insights can be invoked either from individual reports or from the reports that are embedded inside dashboards.

From a report

To access immediate insights on a report, open the required report and click the Zia Insights button on the top right corner. A popup appears displaying the required information. 

From a dashboard

To access insights on a report embedded in a dashboard, open the dashboard, expand the required report and click the Zia icon on the top right corner. A popup appears, displaying the detailed insights on the selected report.

Note: Ask Zia and Zia Insights capabilities are developed in-house and is proprietary to Zoho Corporation. Analytics Plus does not rely on or use external LLMs or AI tools such as Open AI to facilitate these features.

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