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Base Pack(2 users) Base pack 2 users
Additional 3 usersAdditional 3 users
Additional 5 usersAdditional 5 users
Additional 10 usersAdditional 10 users
Additional 20 usersAdditional 20 users
Additional 50 usersAdditional 50 users
100+ users100+ users

Personal edition

  • Support for 1 user only
  • Add up to 10 tables, 25,000 rows, and 5 databases
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Professional edition

$2,395per year / for 2 users
  • Supports multiple users
  • Add unlimited rows, tables, and databases
  • Sharing and collaboration
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Note : Dashboard viewer license for non-login users.

A dashboard viewer is anyone who can simply view published reports and dashboards across your organization without having to login to Analytics Plus. For this, you will need to opt for the dashboard viewer license component. This pack starts at a minimum of 5 viewers . The number of 'dashboard viewers' is calculated based on the total number of unique non-login users accessing the published reports or dashboards. This is not the same as concurrent user sessions. Each dashboard viewer license is tied to the browser or device from which a user accesses published reports and dashboards. Click here to get a quote

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How do I calculate licenses for Analytics Plus?

The licensing model in Analytics Plus is based on :

  1. Users - Those who need to create reports and dashboards. The base pack starts at 2 users.
  2. Dashboard viewers - Those who only wish to view created dashboards and reports. They require a new dashboard viewer license, which starts at 5 viewers pack. This is an optional component.

What do you mean by a 'user' in Analytics Plus?

Anyone who needs to create or share reports and dashboards in Analytics Plus is considered a user. As a user, you will need a license to logon to the application to be able to create reports.

Is the dashboard viewer license mandatory?

No. You can opt for this license to provide access to users, who simply wish to view the reports.

Do I need a user license to read or access reports?

No, you don't need a regular user license for this purpose. We have a separate license category for users who just wish to view/access reports. If you wish to view reports or dashboards, you will need a dashboard viewer license, and will be able to access the reports, without having a user account in Analytics Plus.

Can a single user consume more than one dashboard viewer license?

Yes, this can happen. Dashboard viewer licenses are tied to the browser or device from which a user accesses published reports. If a user accesses reports from different browsers or devices, he will consume one license for each device or browser session.

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