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Analytics Plus Agent 

What is Analytics Plus Agent?

Analytics Plus agent is an independent software program used to import data from either files or relational databases that runs behind the firewall (i.e in your local network) into Analytics Plus. The databases should be JDBC compliant such as MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite or Firebird

You can upload data from any of the following data sources:

Upload Data from Large CSV Files

You can bulk upload data in a CSV file format into ManageEngine Analytics Plus using this agent. It is especially useful when you need to upload more than 500,000 rows or whose file size is greater than 100 MB (these size limitation is applicable when you use the ManageEngine Analytics Plus Import wizard). This agent splits the data in the CSV file into batches and uploads it to ManageEngine Analytics Plus. It can be invoked in GUI and Console (command line) modes.

Upload Data from Relational Databases

You can pull data from relational database and upload the same into ManageEngine Analytics Plus. You can connect to the databases like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Firebird or any JDBC driver supported database.

How do I do it?

Install and Setup the agent in your local machine to pull data from any of the above said source. The agent directly accesses your database, queries for the required data and uploads it to ManageEngine Analytics Plus. You can also setup automatic execution of the agent in a scheduled interval and keep the data synchronized with ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

In the subsequent sections of this topic, we will discuss in detail about how to use the Agent in various modes to upload/synchronize your data with ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

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