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ManageEngine Reports API

ManageEngine Reports offers a powerful REST
style API (Application Programming Interface) that can be used by
Independent Software Vendors, Developers and System Integrators to build
powerful reporting and analytical capabilities into their applications.
Its a HTTP based Web API, that responds to requests in XML or JSON
format making it programming-language-neutral, thus enabling
application development/integration in any programming language (Java,
Phython, .Net, C, C++, PHP, etc) you know.

With ManageEngine Reports API developers can easily push or pull data
into or from ManageEngine Reports (data integration) for powerful
reporting and analysis. You can add powerful business intelligence
capabilities to your product/application, build add-ons to analyze data
from third-party business applications and do much more.

ManageEngine Reports API allows you to:

  • Add data into a table in ManageEngine Reports database
  • Modify data in the ManageEngine Reports database
  • Bulk Add/Update data into a table via CSV file.
  • Bulk Update with criteria support.
  • Bulk Delete with criteria support.
  • Export data and Reports in various formats such as CSV, JSON, PDF,HTML,IMAGE
  • Fetch data from the database using SQL Select query.

This API documentation is organized with the following sections:


This section lists the prerequisites that need to be satisfied before you use API.

API Specification

Provides the complete API language specification including the request and the response formats of various supported operations

Supported Actions/Operations

Provides the complete list of actions that are supported by ManageEngine Reports API

Client Libraries

Client libraries are programming language wrappers over the raw
ManageEngine Reports HTTP Web APIs. This enables developers to easily
use ManageEngine Reports API in the corresponding programming language.
Currently we support the following language libraries:


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