Sharing Diagnostic Information

Sharing Diagnostic Information

You can choose to send diagnostic information to the support team as part of your request. This information will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy

Should you choose to send this information, the following details are sent as part of the request:

  • Edition - This tells us if you are running the Professional or the Personal edition of ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

  • Build Number - This is the release version of the product.

  • Account - The name of the company which owns the copy of the product. For evaluation users, this will say ZOHO Corp.

  • License Type - Tells us if you are using a paid version, evaluation version or the free version of ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

  • License Expiry Date or Eval Days Left - The date when the current license expires or when the trial period ends.

  • Application Running Since - Time at which the application was last restarted.

  • OS details: OS type, version & architecture (32 or 64 bit).

  • Heap Memory Details - JVM's Heap Memory usage of the Analytics Plus application

  • DB Sizes - Space occupied by ManageEngine Analytics Plus' database, on disk.

  • Browser Version - Type & version of the web browser used to access ManageEngine Analytics Plus, when the request is raised.

  • Latest Log file - Only the latest file to avoid large attachments and latency.

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