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Managing Database


ManageEngine Analytics Plus Explorer tab enables you to organis your tables and view in a workspace. When you open a workspace, the Explorer tab will be opened by default. This cannot be closed. You can create folders within a workspace and organize the reports in a logical manner as needed. You will also find a navigation bar at the left for easy navigation. 


Backup Database


The Database Backup option in ManageEngine Analytics Plus enables you to backup data from the tables and queries from the query tables. In event your database was deleted accidentally, you can restore it by importing the backup data. Since data will be modified continuously ManageEngine Analytics Plus enables to schedule periodical backup.


You can schedule back-up by clicking Backup icon adjacent to the database name and specify the scheduled period in the Backup Setting dialog. Click Save. Data in the corresponding database will be copied in the specified period and will be available as a ZIP file in a download link.

Note:Data backup will not copy the Views in a database. To backup views you need to copy the database without data using the Copy link under the corresponding database name. If views are deleted accidently, then you can make this copy as main database and import the data into it.

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