Data recovery

Recover your Analytics Plus data

  • Install a new copy of Analytics Plus. The new copy should be of the same build number as your original installation.

  • Start the ManageEngine Analytics Plus service and make sure the application is accessible.

  • Stop the ManageEngine Analytics Plus service.

  • Open the command prompt (as administrator) and change the directory to <Analytics Plus home>\bin

  • Run the command restoreDB.bat <full directory path of your backup ZIP file>


By default, Analytics Plus sets a password for the backup file, which will be the reverse of the file's name. For instance, the 'Test123' backup file would have '321tesT' as its default password. This can be modified while taking a backup, using this command

Therefore, while restoring a backup, the following command has to be included with the restoreDB command:

  • -p : This parameter, followed by the password, allows you to restore the password protected backups. 

Here are some examples:

restoreDB test.ezip -p 321tseT

restoreDB OfflineBackup235161 -p 321tseT

restoreDB test.ezip -p tset 

Once the recovery is complete, start the ManageEngine Analytics Plus service

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