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Slide Show of Views


  • Creating a Slide Show
    • Viewing in Big TV
  • Managing a Slide Show

You may often need to to display reports & dashboards on Large TV screens, for a live view of important metrics and trends. ManageEngine Analytics Plus allows you to do this by publishing the views in your database as a slide show.

You can embed as well as create a permalink for the slide show (to access it standalone) as needed.


Creating a Side show


You can easily create an slideshow of your views in ManageEngine Analytics Plus by following the steps given below.


  1. Open any report in your workspace.
  2. Click publish icon and then select Create Slide Show.
  3. The following screen will open. Specify a name for the slide show.
  4. Specify whether the slide show should be accessed with or with out the login.
  5. Select the views to be part of the slide show from the list field.
  6. The selected views will be listed in the field in the right. You can arrange the views in the desired order using the arrows.
  7. Click Create Slide Show. The slide show will be created and the embed URL and Permalink will be displayed as shown below. 
  8. You can specify whether the show needs to be auto played using the option Autoplay the slide show. This will be selected by default.
  9. You can set the Slide interval, which mentions the duration between slide transitions.
  10. Select Include Title and Include Description to add title and description in the slide show.
  11. For Embed URL specify the Width and Height of the show.
  12. Access the URL in a browser. This will open as shown in the illustration below. 
  13. On mouse over a toolbar will appear with options to play/pause, change slide interval, set to full screen, and navigate to previous, next or specific view in the list.

Viewing in Big Screen Mode


You can display the slide show on Large TV screens by setting this to full screen mode. You can do this either using the option in the slide show toolbar or by using the standard full screen short keys as follow.

  • Mac - Cmd+ Shift + F   
  • Windows and Linux- F11

Managing a Side show


ManageEngine Analytics Plus provides options to edit or delete the slide shows at anytime in the Manage Slide Show page. You can also refer to the URL for the show from here.


  1. Open any report in your workspace.
  2. Click publish icon and then select Manage Slide Shows
  3. The following screen will open.
  4. Click the embed icon to get the URL of the slide show already created.
  5. Click the edit icon to edit the slide show contents.
  6. Click delete icon to delete a slide show.

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