Creating slide show

Slide Show of Views 

Analytics Plus lets you stay on top of your critical metrics in real-time using the slideshow feature. Include reports or dashboards as individual slides in your slideshow.

Creating a Slide show

Follow these steps to create a slide show.

  • Open any report or dashboard and click the Publish icon.

  • Choose the Create Slide Show option from the drop down menu.

  • Give your slideshow a name and choose the type of access permission.

  • Select the views to be part of the slide show from the list field.

  • The selected views will be listed in the field in the right. You can arrange the views in the desired order using the arrows.

  • Click Create Slide Show. The slide show will be created and the embed URL and Permalink will be displayed as shown below.


  • The Slide Interval option lets you define the duration between slide transitions.

  • Check the Autoplay the slide show option if you wish to switch slides automatically.

  • Select Include Title and Include Description to add title and description in the slide show.

  • Save the changes and access the URL in a browser to view the slideshow. .

  • On mouse hover, a toolbar will appear with options to play/pause, change slide interval, set to full screen, and navigate through the slide deck.

Managing a Slide show

Edit or delete the slide shows at anytime from the Manage Slide Shows page.

  • Open any report in your workspace.

  • Click publish icon and then select Manage Slide Shows.

  • The following screen will open.

  • Click the Embed (<>) icon to get the URL, modify the slide interval, or include/remove the description or title.

  • Click the Edit icon to edit the slide show or the Delete icon to delete the slide show.

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