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To enable easy collaboration ManageEngine Analytics Plus supports the concept of Groups. You can create a Group which contains a set of users and easily share reports/dashboards with the required permissions as you do for a individual user. You can create any number of Groups in a workspace for easy collaboration.


Groups will be helpful when you want to share the same report/dashboard and grant the same permissions to a set of users. In such scenarios you could create a group, instead of sharing it to each user individually.


The Administrator or Database Owner can add/edit any number of groups. As a group owner, you will be able to view all the users in the group who have been granted access to your database and can edit the granted permissions as well. Group members can view the group name and will be able share the reports they create to the group as well.


Note:Groups created within a workspace will be applicable only within that particular workspace.


Adding Database group


You can create a new group for sharing from Explorer tab by following the steps given below. 


  • Click Share > Manage Groups in the tool bar. 


  • Click Add New Group.
  • In the Specify Group Users tab, specify the group name.



  • Add the Users (whom you want to associate in the group) by providing the email addresses of the users with their registered ManageEngine Analytics Plus account.

Each of these options are explained in detail under 'Sharing Views to a User' topic.

  • Once you have included the users, click on the Next button to go to the Sending Invitation Mail tab, which will look as below.In this tab you can send Invitation mails to the group members, with a link to access the shared workspace . You can also customize your message in the subject and body of the mail.



  • Click Add to complete the process.

Look for the message "Group Users have been successfully added. Notification email has been sent to the users" appearing on the top, confirming the process.


Sharing Views to a Database Group


Once you are done creating groups, you can start sharing your views (tables/reports/dashboards) to the group.


  • To share a view(s) you can invoke the Share option from Explorer tab of the workspace or select the views that need to be shared and invoke the Share -> Share Views to Group option in the toolbar.
  • You can also open the corresponding view that needs to be shared and click the Share icon > Share this View to Group.

A dialog will be come up as shown below. Select the group to share.


  • You can grant required permissions to the group for the selected view(s) using Permissions tab. Refer the topic Granting Permissions to Users for more information on the various permissions that could be granted to the group.
  • Apply Filter Criteria for sharing. Refer the topic Filter Criteria for more details on this.
  • Send invitation mails using Send Invitation Mail tab.

Managing Database Groups


ManageEngine Analytics Plus has a 'Manage Group' page that enables you to access and maintain the groups that you have created for the database. With this page, you can access, edit, delete or add members to the group instantly.


You can open 'Manage Group' page by clicking Share > Manage Groups in the toolbar. The following screenshot illustrates the Manage Groups tab, listing all the groups.



On mouse over each group will dispaly the following options, which allows you to perform the corresponding option quickly.

Click on the Group you wanted to access, the 'Manage Group' section will open


General Tab


The General tab allows you to view and edit the title and description of the group.



Group Members Tab


The Group Members tab lists the shared users added in this group. You can add or delete the members from this tab. You can also Re-invite user from here.



Shared Views Tab


The Shared View tab lists the view shared to this group. You can edit the share permission and filter criteria in htis tab. You can also remove view from sharing.



Note On Adding Group

  • Ensure that members added in all groups does not exceed the User limitation for your plan.
  1. Add Member - Click this to add new member to the group.
  2. Edit - Click this to edit the group.
  3. Delete - Click this to delete the group.

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