Supported Formats for XML Files

Supported Formats for Importing XML Files

Analytics Plus allows you to import data from XML files. The following are the various XML formats that can be imported into Analytics Plus. 

Elements only 

The following example illustrates a book store catalog with simple elements.  

<author>Agatha Kite</author>
<title>Good Night Stories</title>
<genre>children fiction</genre>
<price>$ 8.95</price>
<publisher>Steve Publishing House</publisher>
<author>David Ben</author>
<title>Sword of Ivan</title>
<genre>Historical Fiction</genre>
<price>$ 5.95</price>
<publisher>Sterling Books</publisher>
<author> Ria Johnson</author>
<title> Color Magics</title>
<price>$ 10.35</price>
<publisher>Tulip Books</publisher>

Elements and attributes

The following example illustrates customer contact information with elements, and the customer ID specified as an attribute.

<Customer id="1220">
<Name>Charles Stone</Name>
<Company>Zillium Corp</Company>
<Customer id="1545">
<Name>Emmy Wilson</Name>
<Company>Fine Pick LTD</Company>
<Customer id="1458">
<Name>Jasmine Frank</Name>
<Company>Fine Pick LTD</Company>

Attributes only

The following is an illustration of elements and attributes with the details of the task list assigned to a member.

<Employee name="John Smith" Designation="Designer" E-mail="">
<Task Status ="In Review" Name="Revamping Product Layout" StartDate="10 July, 2014" DueDate="17 Sept, 2014"> </Task>
<Task Status ="In Progress" Name="New Theme Support" StartDate="10 Aug, 2014" DueDate="20 Nov, 2014"> </Task>
<Task Status ="To be Started" Name="Icons redesigning" StartDate="21 Aug, 2013" DueDate="27 Nov, 2014"></Task>

Tree structure

The following example illustrates the tree structured format, with the details of reporting people for each department and vendor.

<Company name="Zillum">
<Manager>Tricia Boyle</Manager>
<Manager>Dieter Klein</Manager>
<Reporting>Anna Christy</Reporting>
<Name>Fine Pick</Name>
<Reporting>Emmy Wilson</Reporting>

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