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What is a Table?

ManageEngine Analytics Plus stores all your tabular data/datasets in entities called Tables. A table contains a set of columns and actual data rows (similar to a spreadsheet). Each column has a name and a type (data type) associated with it.A table in ManageEngine Analytics Plus is identified with this icon ... 

A ManageEngine Analytics Plus database could contain a collection of tables. Two tables could be related to each other using lookup columns, thus enabling you to model a relational workspace (Refer Relating tables using Lookup columns). You can create any type of reports over these tables which contain the actual data.

Type of a column defines the nature of values a column can contain and the operations that can be done over the same. e.g., an Age column could be "Positive Number"  type.This column can contain only positive numbers and you could apply arithmetic operations over the same. Click to read more about the data types supported by ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

A database would typically contain one or more tables containing logically related datasets. e.g., a Sales database could contain Products, Sales, Purchase etc., tables. Users are recommended to have logically related datasets stored within the same database, with each distinct dataset stored as a separate table. As mentioned earlier we can also define relationship between two tables using Lookup columns.

  • Creating a Table
  • Column Types Supported
  • Add Rows and Columns
  • Adding Formulas (Calculations)
  • Working with Tables
  • Relational Data Modeling
  • Joining Tables

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