Managing data sources

Managing data sources

The Data sources page allows you to edit the synchronization settings of ManageEngine Analytics Plus. You can access this page by navigating to your Analytics Plus application in your ServiceNow instance and clicking the Data Sources tab from the side panel of Analytics Plus. 

The Data Sources page displays the following details: 

  • Last data sync status: The status of the most recent data synchronization. To synchronize the latest data manually, click Sync now.

  • Last data sync time: The time period of the most recent data synchronization.

  • Schedule: The frequency of data synchronization between ServiceNow and Analytics Plus.

  • Next Schedule Time: The time at which the next data synchronization is scheduled to happen. 

  • Timezone: The time zone in which Analytics Plus is set up. It is configured automatically in sync with the timezone settings in ServiceNow.

  • Synchronization done: The number of times data has been manually synchronized on a particular day.

Note: The Data Sources page can only be accessed by Analytics Plus admins. 

Edit synchronization

Analytics Plus admins can use the Edit setup option to choose the ServiceNow modules they wish to analyze. You can also change the frequency of synchronization by selecting the required time frame using the How often drop down box. 

Re-authenticate the application

The data synchronization failure between ServiceNow and Analytics Plus is very rare, and is often due to problems with internet connectivity. Another reason for synchronization failure is when the token used for authentication expires. In such cases, Account Admins can re-authenticate the application by clicking the Re-Authenticate button.

In the following screen, you have to enter your Client ID and Client secret to complete re-authentication. Follow the steps below to re-authenticate the application.

  • Navigate to the Application Registry module using the Filter Navigator. 

  • Click ManageEngine Analytics Plus from the options listed.

  • Copy the Client ID and paste it in the Client ID text box in Analytics Plus.

  • Click the Lock icon near the Client Secret, copy and paste it in the Client Secret text box in Analytics Plus.

  • Click Re-Authenticate ServiceNow and then click Allow in the pop-up that appears. 

Note: Only Account Admins in Analytics Plus can re-authenticate the application. 

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