Managing your subscription

Managing your subscription

Administrators can activate, deactivate or delete existing users, using the Subscription page. Using the Filter Navigator, search for and open the Subscription module under your ManageEngine Analytics Plus application. The Subscription page will be displayed as below. 

The following topics are covered in this section:


The licensing model of the ManageEngine Analytics Plus application is based on the number of users and the subscription period.
There are two license packs available:

  • For monthly subscriptions, the price for one user per month is USD 20.

  • For an annual subscription, the price for one user per month is USD 18.

Purchasing a license

Navigate to the Subscription module using the Filter Navigator. The Your Subscription section in this page displays your current usage. To purchase an Analytics Plus subscription, click the Subscribe Now button.

  • Select your preferred subscription type (Monthly/Yearly), enter the number of users and click Continue

  • Review your selection, and click Confirm. Upon confirmation, you can proceed to the Billing address & Payment details section to complete the purchase using your preferred mode of payment. 

Note: Existing users can upgrade their Analytics Plus subscription by clicking the Upgrade Now button from the Your Subscription section, and following the same procedure as above. 

Canceling your subscription

Towards the end of your subscription period, Analytics Plus auto-renews your license. To cancel your subscription, head to the Subscription module in the Analytics Plus application, and click the Cancel Subscription button. Confirm your choice in the following screens to complete the cancellation.

Note: Your data will be retained in Analytics Plus for 45 days after license expiration or cancellation. Renewing your license within this period will allow you to access your reports and dashboards once again. In case you do not want your data to be retained in Analytics Plus after license cancellation, please contact our support team

User management

Admins can activate, deactivate or delete existing users in Analytics Plus from the Subscription page. Navigate to the User Management section in the Subscription page of the ManageEngine Analytics Plus application. This section lists the roles and status of the various Analytics Plus users. To learn more about the Analytics Plus user roles, click here

Note: Only Analytics Plus admins can access the Subscription page.

To activate or deactivate a user,

  • Use the toggle button beside the user name to activate or deactivate users. 

To remove a user, 

  • Click the delete icon that appears on mouse hover. 

  • Click Delete in the popup that appears, and the corresponding user will be removed. 

Note: The actions performed in this page will only affect the user's access to the Analytics Plus application and doesn't alter user's permissions in ServiceNow.

Roles in ManageEngine Analytics Plus

There are three roles in Analytics Plus:

Account admins

Account admins are Analytics Plus admins who also have the additional capability to re-authenticate the Analytics Plus application if the token used for authentication expires. To learn more about re-authentication, click here.


As an admin, you can create, share and delete reports and dashboards in Analytics Plus. You can also assign admin privileges to other Analytics Plus users.


A user can view the shared reports and dashboards, and create reports over shared data tables in Analytics Plus.

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